About Us

Our Story

So how was LeMerise Legacy founded? It all started on shift at the Fire Department amidst a routine call. I arrived on scene of a blazing structure fire. I quickly learned that a family was trapped inside. Without hesitation I channeled my inner Leonidas and spartan kicked the front door down, swiftly locating the family in distress. After emerging from the structure, smoke billowing around me, cradling a baby under each arm and my testosterone levels at a record breaking all time high. It dawned on me that there was only one thing in life that could provide me that same level of satisfaction. Create an extraordinary clothing brand. 

And so LeMerise legacy was born.

Nah just kidding my story isn’t that macho, but it would be pretty cool if it was.

What I desired to create was more than just a brand. LeMerise Legacy represents a community of diverse individuals from various walks of life, united by a shared mindset. We are dreamers without a backup plan, dedicating ourselves wholeheartedly to achieving the goals we truly desire. Within LeMerise Legacy we embrace the process of the daily grind, understanding that it is the very journey that shapes and molds us into the person that we desire to become.

I believe that clothing is not just something that you wear; it is an expression of who you are and what you stand for. That’s why I pay meticulous attention to every detail of my designs, ensuring that each piece represents the values and attitude of our community. 

 Our Roots

LeMerise Legacy is a veteran owned brand founded by Sean LeMerise. Sean served as an infantryman with the 4th Infantry Division and deployed overseas in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Sean is currently a full time Firefighter/Paramedic as well as an active bodybuilder.